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Trevor’s can help you find the perfect lawn and garden products for your specific needs. We are family owned and operated and what we do best is helping you. Come into our store and find one of us to guide you through the aisles to pick up the supplies you will need. You will see we have a large variety of garden supplies and lawn care products to make your plants and flowers flourish.

  • Outdoor Power Equipment(Snowblowers, Lawnmower, Weed trimmers,
    Leaf blowers, Chainsaws)
  • Lawn and Garden tools (Pruning tools, Digging tools, Edging)
  • Decorative Landscaping products(Stones, Mulches, Birdbaths, U.S. made pots, Edging, Hooks)
  • Lawn & Plants Care (Fertilizers, Grass seed, Disease control)
  • Pest Control (Animal repellents, Insect control)
  • Snow & Ice Removal (Snow throwers, Shovels, Ice choppers)
  • Watering (Hoses, Sprinklers, Nozzles, Hose reels)
  • Yard Tools (Rakes, Shovels, Hoes, Cultivator)

It’s that time again! Time to turn your lawn into a beautiful creation and your favorite outdoor destination. Whether you are treating for crabgrass or just fertilizing your lawn, Trevor’s selection of Scott’s Lawn Care is sure to please. Picking up a hose and nozzle to water the garden or something to control those pesky ants? Perhaps you just need some food for your house plants and annuals. Either way Trevor Hardware is here to fill your needs and serve the community. Stop by and we can help you get the right products the first time, so you can enjoy your outdoor time.

Bulk mulch can be scooped right into your truck or trailer, while bagged mulch carried to your vehicle. Available colors: dark brown and natural.

Spring Prep
Grass Seed & Equipment
Fertilizers & Equipment
Garden Seeds
Edgers & Trimmers
Lawn Furniture
Lawn & Garden Décor
Mulch (Bulk & Bag )Live Goods
  • Annuals/ Perennials/Vegetable Plants
  • Shrubs

Summer Plant Maintenance 

  • Pest Control & Equipment
  • Fertilizers & Equipment

Fall Live Goods

  • Shrubs/ Trees
  • Flowers

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