Cake Decorating


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It’s easy to see when a cake decorating job is well done, with impressive finishing touches and cake decorating techniques such as perfect roses, borders or fondant accents. Here you will get Wilton step-by-step rundown of the essential prep work and cake decorating ideas everyone must learn before starting to decorate.

Icing cakes

Cake decorating techniques for the perfect icing job

See the cake decorating techniques for icing an immaculate, crumb-free surface every time.

Types of icing for cake decorating

Choose the right type of icing for decorating cakes

Use the right icing for your cake decorating job. Consider flavor, texture, climate and other factors when choosing.

Coloring icing and fondant for decorating cakes

Cake decorating ideas for adding color to icing or fondant

Whether adding color to icing or fondant for cake decorating ideas, it is easy.

Cake decorating techniques

Get step-by-step cake decorating instructions

From amazing royal icing flowers to dramatic fondant bows, our step-by-step cake decorating instructions and ideas make cake decorating easy.

Cake decorating basics

Cake decorating techniques for choosing the right decorating

Here are cake decorating techniques for how to get your bag and tip ready and master pressure control.

Decorating cakes with fondant

Learn a variety of fondant techniques for cake decorating

How do you cover a cake perfectly smooth, without wrinkles or air bubbles? The flexibility of fondant is your secret weapon for perfectly-decorated cakes.

Icing recipes for decorating cakes

Various icing recipes for cake decorating

Wilton kitchen-tested recipes were formulated to yield the best cake decorating results.

Decorating shaped cakes

Cake decorating ideas for shaped cakes

Here are simple cake decorating ideas to follow when decorating shaped cakes in buttercream icing or rolled fondant.

Icing consistency for decorating your cake

Choosing the right icing consistency for decorating cakes

Just a few drops of liquid can make a big difference in results. Try different consistencies to see what works best.

Decorating cake boards

Methods for decorating cake boards

Don’t detract from your beautiful cake with an unsightly board – decorate it with fanci-foil, tuk-n-ruffle, or fondant!